31 Aug 2011

editorial love _ the lady is a tramp

this pair of earings would make a nice and easy diy project.

some furs paired with printed pieces and vintage plastics.
i like the result!

model sarah whale photographed by toby knott
for the editorial "the lady is a tramp"
in the september 2011 issue of vogue portugal.

slightly edited.
via fgr.

click images for actual size.


  1. This editorial is awesome, I love it.

  2. Wow, I can´t even imagine how much work it must have took staging this! fab result.

    Hope you had a wonderful time at your parents! ;)
    And thank you so much for your greeting, a couple of days late is no prob...

    Keep up the wonderful posts. I´m so focused on my painting here at home (we might sell our home all of a sudden, so I need to get things done by monday, already) so when I look at blogs nowadays it´s like a marathon! Running through quickly!!
    All the best my friend, love, Lena.

  3. :) Thank you so much for the sweet words, Lena!
    Yes, I had such a great few days at home... and beautiful weather, too.

    Wow! That sounds exciting... and sounds like lots of work, too. :P But at least, you're painting! That's almost art! :) :)

    All the best to you, too!

  4. Hello! I'm in love your blog !
    I used this post on my blog http://diana.ciobanu.eu/ .
    Best regards,

  5. :) :) :) thanks, girls!!! :) :) :)


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