28 Jul 2011

some spaces and details i like

that trompe l'oeil carpet!

fancy a little hopscotch?

i love this pic.
that's a marcel wanders, i guess... that guy is amazing.

much covered but oh-so-amazing.

i love this, too... great details.

greens and chairs and mirrors and studio windows.
i really wanna have a studio.

all photos ©andrea garuti.
found through idaddesign.


  1. Great photos, I really like this clever styling here.

  2. These are amazing photos, Agnes :) Such an eye+love the lighting.

    Sorry for not stopping by for a while, the last week has been one long haze of shock I guess. Me and my family are all fine, and ordinary living is coming back thankfully -we live south only half an hour from both places of the incidents by the way...

    See you soon, as I´m back to being a regular around here.
    Lots of love and hugs from Lena. Hope you are enjoying your saturday, and maybe you´ve even found your "Mickey Mouse" ;))

  3. thanks, girls!

    Lena, no problem of course, I can totally understand. Thank goodness, you're fine. I can imagine what a shock that might be.
    I'm enjoying my weekend... haven't found Mickey yet, but sooner or later i will! :) :)

    Have a great sunday!
    Love and hugs,


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