22 Jul 2011


to be honest, i'm longing to have a little romance in my life.
i'm well off being alone, but it would be magical to have someone
to dream dreams with and stuff like that.
you know, just someone... a bit of a freak, like me.
i got plenty of friends, and i got plenty of guys interested in me...
but, i don't know, maybe i'm too picky.
well, i'm afraid i don't look really hard, either.
still, i don't wanna kill every hope in myself.

nicey nice pics:
1 _ via atswimtwobirds.
2 _ via the lane.


  1. I can understand how you feel - I have been picky all my life - and would rather be alone than with the wrong person for the wrong reasons. You see it will probably happen when you least expect it :)- that's what happened to me! Have a great weekend and keep looking hon,

  2. thanks for the sweet words, dear Anya. :)
    i wish you a great weekend, too.



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