20 Jun 2011

so why not paint a few weird birds on the bathroom tiles

i guess i'll buy more world of interiors mags.
(when i'll have a bit more money. :P)
i gotta look for some color schemes now
and i happaned upon the october 2007 issue of woi.
i found it was chock-full of inspiration.

i hastily scanned the above images from it.
they are of a certain french ceramic artist's home,
whose name i'll let you know tomorrow first thing in the morning
(or at least as soon as i get into the office... err, sorry, studio).
they were taken at the home of french ceramic artist
marguerite 'guidette' carbonell (1910-2008).
photos by alexandre bailhache.

but aren't these things she makes beautiful in their
weirdness and slight naïveté? i think they are.

and they are a good idea for cheering up a dirty old bathroom.
(like my one.)

also love the birds that guard her garden.

all images scanned by me from the world of interiors magazine, october 2007.
click for a closer look.


  1. I hate tiles but I kind of like these peculiar ones.

  2. i do like them. very original work! i would love to have a couple of the hanging on my wall as works of art : )

  3. i love World of Interiors and I love that bathroom! The ceramic figures sitting above the tiles are great too.

  4. thanks, Demie, i'm glad you like them, too!


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