6 Jun 2011

editorial love _ adventure in the desert

do click the photos for a closer look.

layering is key when you're in the desert, so it seems.
that lace jacket is gorgeous!

zip-off sleves and layered pajama pants, yeah.
how do people get so muddy-faced when in the desert?

i love the texture of that thing peeking out from underneath the jacket.
and the neck of the shirt. do you think it's just the corners of the
collar tied as a scarf? i kinda think so.
also love the houseshoes on the right.
and i think i need a pair of sunglasses like those.

more layering and a pair of beautiful linen pants.
you def need a necktie and oxfords in the desert, you don't wanna look uncivilized.
it's good to have a stool handy, too, just in case...

beautiful texture on that mmm cardi. it even mimics sand hills.
for some reason i don't like that snakeskin bib tho.

more stuff... never been to egypt, but i think my first trip to africa should be to morocco, rather.

so beautiful.

longing for the home, sweet home... love the fraying edge.

she's jules mordovets photographed by marcus ohlsson for the editorial
avventura nel deserto in velvet magazine june 2011.

some of the images slightly cropped, and captions removed.
please see the originals here at mode.newslicious.


  1. These are exceptional! So much care in every little detail. Fantastic find. Again, all the best with love&hugs :) Lena.

  2. Beautiful and so powerful! I love the layering too!

  3. thanks, all of you!



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