11 Apr 2011

looks to wear... (a little theatrical)

she's got the look. i like that eye make-up with a hint of moss green.


oh, those little bows! and the shoes-and-socks! and that's a tailcoat!
i had one once, when i was a little more courrageous about what i wear.
actually, it was a waistcoat, because i sew it for myself, and just didn't want to fiddle with the sleeves.

love this. i really think i need a pair of coral-colored pants.

or, maybe a nude-colored pair.

haha... i wouldn't dare to wear this outfit, but i like the bib that hangs from the shoulders...
i don't really like the shoulderplates, though.

love this, so much!

 diana valeske photographed by koray parlak for the editorial "she wears the pants"
in marie claire turkey april 2011.

click images for actual size.


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