15 Mar 2011

mcqueen, some more

alexander mcqueen (by sarah burton), fall/winter 2011/12.

click images for a closer look.


  1. Where did the Inspired button go? I liked that better :).

    Also what's with the lack of eyebrows. I know it's just painted, but still. These models are starting to look like the little aliens from those area 51 UFO photos from the 50s.

  2. haha... sorry i changed the button. :P

    you are actually absolutely right about the eyebrows, i don't really like the no-eyebrow trend either, it makes one look less feminine.

    look at the clothes instead. :)

    remélem, jól vagy, és jól megy sorod!
    millió-millió puszi!!!!!
    :) :) :)


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