5 Mar 2011

the high life _ chunky jewels, slippery silks

mosaic print from celine, tassels is the ears.

i'm still in love with that fendi bracelet. i like the earrings, too... i never wear any.

tassels, tassels... i really like tassels... my mother used to wear them in the '80s.
she made herself a gown that tied with many satiny bands at the shoulder, ending in tassels.

chunky necklace of topaz an gold.

i'm not necessarily longing for these things, it's just that i like them.
images from the editorial "the high life".
karlijn veling and yulia terentieva photographed by kt auleta for elle us, march 2011.


  1. That bottom necklace is stunning!

  2. L-O-V-E, especially the third. Wow... love the statement that these beautiful pieces make. I cannot get over the third, and would love to own it, in fact :)

  3. thank you, both!

    Sarah, so good to see you here! :) :) yeah, these really make a statement, and i really like that third one, too... reminds me of the '80s a lot.



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