20 Mar 2011

for richer or poorer _ a slightly overwhelming house (???) tour.

i feel quite overwhelmed right now,
(it's just that my "procrastinate now, panic later" life motto entered into the "panic" stage),
so now you get it, too. :P :P

what you see is contemporary russian baroque.
it beats me why people would do this, but still, they do. (some, at least.)
they have their initials put into marble (pic two).
they even put their statue up before (or on top of?) their house (palace, that is).
pour gold over everything, except marble, maybe.
and stuff like that.

but if you watch closely, you'll see some beautiful details, too.
like the brocade of the curtain in this last pic... or the tassles. :)

if i'm not mistaken, this palace is somewhere outside sankt petersburg.
architect: igor gremitsky.
more info on this project here.

these pics appeared in russian magazine salon interior.
all scans made by fima-psuchopadt. (more pics, too.)

well, a friend of mine paints baroque frescos for russian millionaires...
just in case you're interested in ordering one.



  1. overwhelmed is the right word agnes- i think i am quite happy how i live, too much glitter and gold for my liking- nevertheless it's amazing. thank you for helping me with finding the source. do i understand you have to be invited to become a member with tfs, are you a member? hope you've had a lovely weekend. a new week already... mady x

  2. thank you so much for all you help agnes, i really appreciate it. maybe you are right, i can see the threads too and i know i will be browsing tfs days on end....
    dinner time here already...mady x

  3. My pleasure! :) haha... :)


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