9 Feb 2011

what's in store for me?

i really like that necklace... maybe i could even make one for myself...
right after i'm done with the diploma. :)
do you think they will sell that jil sander "plastic bag", too, or is that but a scarf?

i like the stripes here... not sure i would wear them but i like them.

how could i not like h&m if it's about the only thing i can afford right now
(okay, i can afford zara at sales... and i do afford it... and did afford it this season, too... 
maybe i'll show off the treasure i hunted,
if you're interested... are you?)


  1. Love the model


  2. The colors are great, I like stripes, just not suitable for me..

    Have a nice evening!

    Ingrid :)

    Thanks for adding me on your blogroll!!

  3. Thanks, Monique!

    Ingrid, :) I wish you a nice evening, too!
    You are very welcome... I really hope you'll get some trafic out of it... to be honest, i have way too many links, i really should categorize them or something... but even if no more, you can always expect me to visit.



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