13 Nov 2010

today is the day

born in 1973. this morning i turned 37.
 which is quite unbelievable, knowing that i'm still a child...
i want to believe that there's nothing wrong with me, it's just that i'm somewhat different... somewhat slower with my life that others.
i want to believe that there's nothing wrong with being a university student at 37 (or is there? :D :D)... nothing wrong with jumping around in the street... nothing wrong with staring at all the interesting and beautiful faces in the tram... nothing wrong with not having a family of my own... nothing wrong with not having a carreer yet... i could go on, endlessly.
of course, there are things i would change about myself... i would love to let myself create a lot more... perfectionism is a great barrier... many times i would reather escape into laziness than create, maybe out of the mere fear of making mistakes.
but today, all i wanna do is celebrate myself, and be grateful for what i am, the child that i am, the (hopefully) unique being that i am.

hope you all have an amazing weekend.

(images via agent bauer, photographed by alexander crispin, styled by lotta agaton)


  1. Have a wonderful wonderful day! Enjoy!

  2. Nope, nothing wrong. ;)
    What a beautiful post as usual, I absolutely love your blog.
    I especially admire the way you present design and how it all relates.
    Always a pleasure to visit.
    Have a wonderful birthday weekend Agnes!!!


  3. Than you are "my brother from another mother" dear Agnes...you just described me in this post...Happy Happy Birthday to You, sister. I think we should get closer. And there is nothing wrong with you...or me :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to you!! If you are turning 37, you are still young! There is nothing wrong with pursuing your dream and going to university to do it! I started my company/dream late also after my earlier career in finance. So don't be afraid!!!

  5. Deborah, thank you, very, very much!!! :)

    Maritza, this really means a lot to me... i feel really honored when people i revere (like you) come over and say they are inspired or they like what i do... so thank you, so much! :) :)

    Évi, your comment really warmed my heart. :) it's good to know i'm not alone. yes, we could get closer, we could even meet, when you're in Budapest, if you like, i'd love to! So, there's nothing wron with us. :) :)

    Tina, thank you very much, and thanks a lot for the encouraging words!

    lots of hugs to all of you!!! and thanks again for the sweet words!

  6. I made it in time to wish you a happy birthday! :) Life is now, no matter if it is exactly like the average neighbors´ or full of joy and exploration... Invite the child along for the ride :) Enjoy the rest of your birthday. Love, Lena :)

  7. Lena, thank you soooo much for these words!

    much of love,

  8. I wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you've had a very nice day!

  9. Congrats from Lisa! I wish you a great Happy Birthday! I am a university student at 40!

  10. bubbles... (gosh, i still don't know your name... should i?)... thank you, very, very much! i had quite a good one! :) :)

    Lisa, thank you so much! wow, wow, that's great! yes, it's just never too late, i'm sure. :)



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