29 Nov 2010

i love black

and i love white, but i don't  mind color blowing up into my face, either.

1 _ clothes designed by shayli harrison, photographed by hugo rourke. found at emerald couture.
2 _ artwork "sugarcoat" by michelle hinebrook at 20x200. found at svpply.
3 _ sculpture made of recycled toys by robert bradford. via tch.
4 _ art by chris duncan. via beautifuldecay.
5 _ art by carlo maniero.
6 _ a berber-made boucherouite rug, that was shown at cavin-morris gallery.
7 _ dress designed by matthew williamson. found at imrevolting.
8 _ vintage bouncy balls at amradio etsy.


  1. You got me Agnes! I love the title of this post! Well done Maestro! BWT, gorgeous color spectrum shots... Hugs, Si-

  2. Wow....mind blowing indeed.These are fantastic!


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