15 Sep 2010


second _ spred from a so-en issue of 2008, via scout-holiday
third _ photo by eve arnold, around 1965-66, via arrondissement-a.

trivia: when i was a kid, we, too, had framed pictures of lenin, marx and engels in our classroom, above the blackboard. ha-ha.


  1. I just love the black and white photo in front of the blackboard, lovely and moody. Just reading your profile and I too took the plunge to follow my dream later in life! I have just turned 40 and am graduating in 6 weeks from a Bachelor of Graphic design and am now also working part time in a local studio. So good luck and have fun.

  2. Kylie... Wow! That is really something. Congratulations!... Yes, it's really never too late to follow your dreams... i like these parallels of our lives. :)
    Thanks for the kind wishes... time really flies, so the coming summer will see me graduating, too. (At least I hope so!)
    Good luck with your endeavors and diploma!


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