30 Sep 2010

editors' love. and mine, too

love these balenciagas.
first _ mirte mass by willy vandeperre for vogue china october 2010, via tfs
second _ meghan collison by josh olins for vogue china october 2010, via tfs
third _ via berta blogol
fourth _ zippora seven in elle japan september 2010, via laagenciabcn 

click images for actual size.


  1. I see we share the love for blog of Jak and Jil (thanks for your comment), and many other designs and illustrators. After having a quick look through your posts I find Egon Schiele, and the amazing Kareena Zerefos. I´m happy to see you have artists and illustrators highlighted next to design :)
    From now on you are on my look good list :)
    Lena, Konfettiform.

  2. Thanks to all of you! :)

    Lena, thanks for the kind comment! :) I'm very glad you like my approach. And I'm glad we share so many likes. Thank you so much for the link... it's a real honor!



  3. Those Balenciaga's sweaters are so awesome!! Both colors are great.


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