2 Aug 2010

new dolls from elsita

i was to post a few papercuts from amazing papercut artist elsa mora but then i saw what amazing dolls she also makes, and that made me change my mind... enjoy.
on her etsy page you can find all the urls to her amazing blogs, too.

click images to enlarge.


  1. I love the first one so much!

    Please don't forget to join NOVICA giveaway for gift certificate for $75. ♥

  2. wow these dolls are just so... I'm lost for words.
    They're sort of frightening!

  3. thanks, Janet! I joined the giveaway! I hope i'll win! :)

    WolfandDeer, yes, yes, they're somewhat frightening, eery, if you please... all of her works are like this! :) but i still like them... actually, at first I didn't like her papercuts because most of them look somewhat "sick"... but they are still really awe-inspiring.



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