20 Jul 2010

hide 'n' seek

in the garden of delights
this is an oldie but goodie... amazing gowns!
shot by steven meisel for vogue (i guess this was for vogue us not vogue italia), back in 2006
via pmm+


  1. Hey Gurl hey, Its me ...Runwayjunkie- yes Im back but now Im in the process of saving for my camera, but anyway. OMG This is Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2006- yes and your correct is was hsot for Vougue US by Mr. Meisel- John Galliano whos the designer said something about "Court Jester" and Libertine and ....Salvador Dahli..or just " Dahli" OH and Bladrunner if you watch the show on YOUTUBE the show has different sections but youll enjoy it- especialy the last section of the show with the Joan of Arc inspred gowns- It will blow you away-

  2. Hey, Tre! I'm glad you're back!
    Those old Dior shows are amazing! Thanks for the hint!

  3. Mimóza, Dzsozi, köszönöm szépen!

  4. Ho messo tempo fa queste foto sul mio blog ma ogni volta che le rivedo le trovo stupende, sempre molto belle, ciao

  5. oh wow.. these photos are beautiful..
    of course is Dior..

  6. Thank you guys, I love these photos, too. :)

    Stefania, ciao! :) si, questi non invecchiono con il tempo.



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