24 Jun 2010

how beautiful she was!

(actually, she still is)
the young christy turlington with huge shoulderpads that i used to wear, too in the nineties. :P


  1. Yep, she was definitely one of the most beautiful at the time. What's with her nowadays?

  2. acting, modeling again, charity and being a wife.
    her name is a link is the post... you can click thru to her homepage.

  3. Annyira jók a blézerek, tudnám viselni őket most is.

  4. :) :) örülök, hogy tetszenek... sztem is szépek... van bennük egy kis keleties beütés.

  5. Christy was just impossibly beautiful back then- and I agree. She is still quite stunning now! I certainly wouldn't say no to the opportunity to age like Christy.

  6. Catherine, thanks for the nice comment... i can see from your blog that you are also a bit obsessed with her beauty. :P
    and yes, i wouldn't say no to that, either. :)



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