14 Apr 2010


a rose and jim morrison.


  1. So- Im not realy a huge fan of Jim Morrison but, Ill listen to anything ( i just love music like that ) and nothing excites me more than Origami type art and petterns ( very Pucci or Givenchy ) This for some reason reminds me of like when Andy Worhol first started in his carer asan artist. Alot of his work in the beggining was photographs and his art was mostly based on shapes and objects of everyday. This blog is starting to realy get my attention- and i think you with manegeing two blogs and all, your doing a fantastic job.
    Please do stop by my page and drop some comments-thanx-and hope to see more from you!!!

  2. Hey, hello! I'm glad you're starting to like my blog. Sorry, I just now realized that I got a few comments.
    I like patterns too (and many other stuff, of course). Yeah, this illustration of Morrison also reminds me of Warhol's works.
    I payed a visit your blog, and I'll follow it.
    As about me, I'm over 30... but feel like 25... and I'm living in Europe, Budapest, Hungary.
    Once in this lifetime, I'm sure I'll get to see New York, too. You're lucky to live there. I'm mad about fashion too, but not as much as some 10 or so years ago.
    I really hope that I'll manage running two blogs. You're right, it's not easy at all to get readers, so I'm really thankful for your following!!!
    Take care!


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